Thursday May 04, 2017

Steam Gifting Changes Crack down on Code Resellers

Steam has just reduced the potential of their gifting system with two changes: sending another player a gift is only possible at the moment of purchase, and users will no longer be able to send a gift through email. These changes will make resellers’ lives more difficult, as well as those who practice giveaways. You can, however, schedule a gift so it can be delivered at a specific point in the future, and gifting across countries is still possible, assuming there is no large pricing difference between locales.

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It's putting the Gift to E-mail and Gift to Inventory options out to pasture, replacing it with a system that directly exchanges games from buyer to receiver. It's most likely an action taken to curtail grey market trades, since resellers tend to buy several copies during sales to sell over time. However, that might also make it impossible for collectors to get old and rare titles. You can at least send gifts months in advance, though, in case you want your friend to receive the game on a special day. That said, things are now more complicated if you have a lot of friends abroad: the gaming platform says you won't be able send a gift if there's a large difference in pricing between countries.