Thursday May 04, 2017

Satya Nadella Is Keeping the Windows Phone Dream Alive

Microsoft’s latest 10-Q SEC filing saw the omission of Windows Phone as an investment and suggested that the company had finally given up on that business, yet the CEO believes they will (or, at least, should) continue making devices, particularly those that create new categories (e.g., the Surface line). I still think that Microsoft has a Surface Phone up its sleeve, which could be a true stroke of genius on a hardware basis, but is it too late to sell people on their mobile OS?

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Microsoft has all but given up on Windows Phones, but it seems the idea of a smartphone running a Microsoft OS has not completely died at Redmond. In an interview with MarketPlace discussing Minecraft and H1B visas, they also touched on Microsoft’s plans for phones in the future. Nadella emphasized that if they would make a phone, it would be a device which breaks the mold like their Surface line, and creates new product categories. "We make phones today, we have OEMs like HP making phones and others and we picked a very specific area to focus on which is management, security, and this one particular feature that we have called Continuum, which is a phone that can even be a desktop," Nadella said.