Thursday May 04, 2017

Nissan Builds Signal Blocker into Cars to Eliminate Phone Distractions

Wow, I have an idea: why not just exercise a little self-control? Nissan is putting a Faraday cage compartment inside of their Jukeآ—one of the ugliest vehicles on the market (aesthetics are subjective, but just look at the front of that thing)آ—that will block all mobile, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals from reaching a driver’s phone. If you are that addicted, I doubt this will be of much help, though.

A car manufacturer has developed a compartment that blocks mobile phone signals. Nissan says the prototype Signal Shield, built into the arm rest of its Juke crossover vehicle, will eliminate distractions caused by incoming calls, messages and social media notifications. The box works on the principle of the Faraday cage - invented in the 1830s - which uses material such as a wire mesh to shield its contents from electromagnetic fields. All mobile, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals are prevented from reaching inside the compartment once the lid is closed.