Thursday May 04, 2017

Gamers Red Hot with Fury over Intel Core i7-7700 Temperature Spikes

It seems that Intel’s i7-7700 processors have a flaw where temperatures rise as high as 90آ°C (194آ°F) at times, even at stock. This problem is reportedly happening even on liquid cooling setups with the chips running at fairly low voltages. Intel has chimed in to say that these fluctuations are actually totally normal. Have any of you encountered this issue?

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Owners of Intel's new i7-7700 processors say the chips have been randomly revving up to extremely high temperatures, and Chipzilla won't give the issue so much as a second look. Reg reader Bastard-Wizard says that he and many other i7-7700 owners are finding that the chips will occasionally kick themselves into overdrive, running at temperatures as high as 90آ°C (194آ°F) at times. Intel says the i7-7700 will run at temperatures up to 100آ°C (212آ°F). "My own chip suffers from it, (without any overclocking) which is quite an annoyance," our tipster writes. "This despite a delid modification and a proper water loop, resulting in the fans ramping up and down very frequently, and the temperature appearing to frequently spike near the danger zone."