Wednesday May 03, 2017

PfSense Teases Encryption For Version 2.5

PfSense has just released updated hardware requirements for future versions of the companies software. For those not in the know, pfSense is an open source firewall computer software distribution that is built upon FreeBSD. Instead of specialized and costly equipment, pfSense is installed on a physical computer or a virtual machine to make a dedicated firewall for a network. PfSense can also be used to create a DHCP server, DNS server, Router, or VPN endpoint. Personally I like to set it up with Snort and supplement my Yara addiction. Much like a nerdy Tony Montana. Shame on you if you don't get that joke.

PfSense is enabling all kinds of goodness in the latest updates. You can expect things like UEFI, OpenVPN 2.4, FreeBSD 12 ( route-based IPsec ) and a not-so vague nod to built in encrytption. Due to these new features, pfSense will now require that CPUs be 64 bit ( Intel or AMD ) and include AES-NI support by version 2.5's release date. If you own a processor shipped after 2010 you are most likely okay, as Intel and AMD began incorporating AES-NI support out of the box with the Westere and Bulldozer models.

You can read the announcement here.