Wednesday May 03, 2017

AMD Markets Ryzen...Honestly...with Spiders!

I am not much for putting marketing in the news and agreeing with it. And quite frankly, AMD's marketing is usually not done very well, but today it sent over something that rang true with me. We have spent an incredible about of time reviewing AMD's Ryzen processors in the last couple of months and I feel extremely comfortable when it comes to evaluating what Ryzen is good at and what it is not. And there is not a lot of "not," so that is a good thing. AMD put together this marketing slide titled, "Spider Graph Ryzen 7." A lot of times I might not have even looked at this, but anything named a "spider graph" is at least going to get a peek by me considering I do not remember ever seeing one used in the last 10 years, at least not for selling CPUs.

News Image

I like this graphic's hexagonal layout as every tip of the polygon represents a computing application group that is fairly widely used in the enthusiast community and AMD does not even try to sugercoat the fact that the Ryzen gets beat out by Core i7 in low resolution gaming. For all intents and purposes the Ryzen and Core i7 run neck and neck in GPU-limited scenarios as most of you would guess. Of course in applications that can take advantage of more CPU cores and threads, the 4-Core 8-Thread Core i7 is beat down by Ryzen's 8-Core 16-Thread prowess. While we could certainly argue the percentages represented on the graph, I think the general idea is spot-on and a very good representation of Ryzen's abilities.

Since the properties on the PDF file were blank, we do not know who to thank over at AMD for such good work, but we do know that they used a "Macintosh" to make it. Can someone over there buy that person a Ryzen system?

News Image