Tuesday May 02, 2017

Tesla Model X Gets Taken Apart by Extrication Team

Not the most exciting video, as it is a slow processآ—but that also alludes to how well built the Tesla SUV is. Two guys take their Jaws of Life tools to tear apart the vehicle, which poses a unique challenge due to the engineering of the Falcon Wing doors. These have an emergency release in case of button malfunction, but severe crashes would require more extreme means such as what’s demonstrated.

At the 2017 Fire Department Instructors Conference last week, Hurst Jaws of Life made some impressive (and expensive) vehicle rescue demonstrations using not one but two Tesla Model X SUVs. The Model X is an interesting vehicle for first responders to train on آ– not only because it’s an all-electric car with high voltage cables, but for several other reasons. Of course, electric vehicles offer more of a challenge to first responders who need to cut the current from the battery and mind any high voltage cable before cutting through the chassis, but the Model X is also interesting for its Falcon Wing doors and overall chassis design.