Tuesday May 02, 2017

Technologist Claims AI Will Replace Half of All Jobs in the Next Decade

Time for another human apocalypse episodeآ—or is it? A top voice on tech in China would like everyone to know that AI will become so capable and pervasive that it will take 50% of the jobs out there, yet believes that this will "create a huge amount of wealth for mankind and wipe out poverty." How does that work? He also mentions that one thing AI won’t replace is service jobs, as "nothing can replace human-to-human interaction."

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آ…companies in which his firm has invested can accomplish feats such as recognizing 3 million faces at the same time, or dispersing loans in eight seconds. "These are things that are superhuman, and we think this will be in every industry, will probably replace 50 percent of human jobs, create a huge amount of wealth for mankind and wipe out poverty," Lee said, later adding that he expected that displacement to occur in the next 10 years. Lee's views on technology are widely followed in part because he previously headed Google China before founding his venture capital firm. He has also held executive posts at many other major tech companies, including Apple and Microsoft.