Tuesday May 02, 2017

Netflix Gives Controversial "13 Reasons Why" Series More Viewer Warnings

Does this mean I’m going to get a content warning before every episode of The Punisher, and pretty much anything that features violence, sex, or other "uncomfortable" content from now on? After a bit of outrage, Netflix was forced to add notices before episodes featuring sexual assault and suicide in one of their latest hits, "13 Reasons Why," and now they’re doubling that effort by adding yet another before the premiere episode. I should probably watch the show first, but this smells like manufactured drama and overreaction.

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There's not a more controversial series on TV right now than 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix original which centers around bullying, rape and youth suicide. While the show has been rated for mature audiences (TV-MA) since its debut on March 31st, Netflix has been criticized for only placing graphic content warnings on a few episodes, namely those that contained sexual abuse and suicide scenes. But, amid backlash from mental health organizations and even lawmakers in some countries, the streaming service is adding more content warnings to its series.