Tuesday May 02, 2017

Facebook Rejects Female Engineers’ Code More Often

Why is it that everyone’s first thought on this seems to be gender bias, when it could just be that Facebook has better male engineers who deliver better code? Another complaint is that females don’t get promoted at the same rates, but again, maybe the opposite sex there is simply more talented. I think the real bias will come when the company inevitably lowers the standard for some just to get a more balanced-looking internal review.

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Data collected by an engineer in 2016 suggests that code submitted by women at the company was rejected more frequently than men, according to the Journal. Specifically, that female engineers' code is rejected 35 percent more often than men's. The engineer no longer works for the company. In response to the allegations, senior officials at Facebook conducted their own internal review. However, they found that the rejection rates could be attributed to a Facebook engineer's rank and not their gender, according to the Journal. The company also said that its analysis was based on more complete data that the engineer didn't have access to.