Tuesday May 02, 2017

Apple Should Probably Just Build a Mac Tower

The popularity of the Hackintosh community has gotten some folks to ponder why Apple doesn’t just make it easier on themselves and build a simple, conventional tower system instead of insane ideas that look like they came off a Bed Bath and Beyond shelf. That seems to be exactly what many Mac users want, based on the increasing prevalence of throwing together generic PC hardware to power that OS. Ideally, the fruit company should leave the "thin, light, tightly integrated" design mentality to their iPhone and other products and move in another direction for the desktop (e.g., something that is actually more easily upgradeable), but I don’t know if the brass has any courage to spare for that.

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After talking with dozens of Hackintosh users, I come away believing that Apple doesn’t need to over think this. The "pro" market that the company clearly still wants to keep happy would be served best if Apple treated its desktops (including the Mac Mini, the iMac, and the Mac Pro) the same way it did around the turn of the decade. The Mac Mini has long been neglected, and its latest iteration offered no quad-core CPUs, no upgradeable RAM, and no easily replaceable storage. All the 27-inch iMac really needs is better GPUs, but the 21.5-inch version has lost both dedicated GPU options and user-upgradeable memory since the 2012 redesign. And for the Mac Pro, well, you’re all pretty familiar with the arguments against the 2013 Mac Pro.