Tuesday May 02, 2017

Amazon Gives Free Year of Prime to Entire Town

If you live in Manchester-by-the-Sea and are not a Prime member, you are in luck, as Amazon is giving Prime to all of its residents (5,136) for free. The decision was spurred by their studio’s movie of the same name, which took home three Oscars this year: Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Foreign Language Film. I wonder if Amazon would have done this if the movie took place in NY, LA, or another super-dense area.

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"Oscar winning Manchester by the Sea is coming to Prime Video on May 5, and we wanted customers in the town to enjoy popcorn and a movie on us," said Greg Hart, Vice President of Amazon Video, worldwide. "Manchester by the Sea is a masterpiece representing the best of cinematic storytelling. In other words, it is wicked awesome." Amazon is sending a gift box to every home in Manchester-by-the Sea this week. Customers will receive a code to claim their one-year Prime membership and 3-pack of Wickedly Prime Popcorn. On Friday, May 5, they can start streaming their namesake movie Manchester by the Sea.