Monday May 01, 2017

Nvidia and Netflix now Pre-Viewing Support for 4K streams on Pascal GPU's

It would appear as if viewing 4K Content on Netflix is no longer a Kaby Lake exclusive. You can add Nvidia Pascal to that list now, at least if you have the Windows Insider Program membership required to obtain the 381.74 drivers. In addition, SLI must be disabled in order for 4k streaming to work.

These are - however - not the only limitations. Either Ms. Edge or the Netflix app must be used, and ALL monitors currently active on the machine will also need to be HDCP2.2 compatible or it won't work.

The limitations seem a bit restrictive currently. Let's hope it is just a matter of this being a pre-view, and not a matter of restrictive DRM requirements. While we tend to be a "bleeding edge hardware" bunch, not everyone upgrades their monitors to the latest standard every couple of years. At least I don't.

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To enable Netflix UHD playback, the following is required:

  • NVIDIA Driver version exclusively provided via Microsoft Windows Insider Program (currently 381.74).

    No other GeForce driver will support this functionality at this time

    If you are not currently registered for WIP, follow this link for instructions to join:

  • NVIDIA Pascal based GPU, GeForce GTX 1050 or greater with minimum 3GB memory

  • HDCP 2.2 capable monitor(s). Please see the additional section below if you are using multiple monitors and/or multiple GPUs.

  • Microsoft Edge browser or Netflix app from the Windows Store

  • Approximately 25Mbps (or faster) internet connection.