Monday May 01, 2017

Largest-ever 3D Map of the Cosmos

It's Monday morning and surely many of us are questioning our worth. In an attempt to visualize just how insignificant we truly are, here is a map with 50,000+ dots on it. Each dot in the picture below marks an entire galaxy. And in order to make you feel just a bit more infinitesimal, the map below only represents about 3% of the galaxies by the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey.

News Image

Each galaxy’s color represents its distance from us. The lightest yellow dots are the closest, and the darkest purple ones are the farthest away. Yellow = Roughly 6.4 billion light-years away; Red = Roughly 6.7 billion light-years away; Purple = Roughly 7 billion light-years away. Gray patches mark where data is missing because a bright star blocked the view or an error occurred during observation.

So! Happy Monday and here's to being a conscious carbon-based lifeform that is likely taking up too much carbon. Thanks to "The Heretic."