Monday May 01, 2017

Facebook Ads Target Youth and Others During Vulnerability

Internal Facebook documents have been obtained by The Australian which reportedly shows how Facebook uses algorithms to determine when its users, as young as 14, are feeling stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed, in order to identify when those users might be more vulnerable to specific advertisements. The Australian is behind a paywall, but this local OZ TV station has the coverage. Beware there is an autoplay video on its page.

The leaked document shows it has been honing the covert tools its uses to gain useful psychological insights on young Australian and New Zealanders in high school and tertiary education.

But don't worry says Facebook, nothing to see here.

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"The data on which this research is based was aggregated and presented consistent with applicable privacy and legal protections, including the removal of any personally identifiable information," Facebook said in a statement issued to the newspaper.

Just remember, if you or your kids use Facebook, you agreed to all of this when you signed up. My kids, think Facebook is a joke, which is certainly not a bad thing in my opinion. You know if your parents use it, it must not be cool.