Sunday April 30, 2017

Twitch Streamer Gets Swatted off a Plane

In a situation reminiscent of what happened to Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley back in 2014, a Twitch streamer got pulled off a flight after someone impersonated him and claimed that he had a bomb. Paul Denino, known as "Ice_Poseidon" online, had been swatted before at home but did not expect this kind of thing to happen in public.

آ…police said an anonymous bomb threat was called in. Denino was escorted off of the plane by officers at Phoenix's Sky Harbour airport after the anonymous person allegedly impersonated Denino, and said he had a bomb. Although the incident was little more than an inconvenience to the flight's passengers, in a follow-up video posted to YouTube, Denino explained how the swatting has shaken him. "I'm considering not streaming Dreamhack [an international gaming conference] because I'm afraid," Denino said. "If someone's willing to do that on a fucking plane, what's to stop them from doing it at Dreamhack?"