Sunday April 30, 2017

Lawmaker Calls on ISPs to Protect Customers from Viruses

Some players in the Australian government would like ISPs to take a more active role in defending its customers from cyber security threats. This move would mirror the government’s own move toward blocking or diverting malicious traffic and other web threats from the inside. Is ISPs offering a sort of firewall service even necessary, seeing that customers already have plenty of ways to protect themselves? What I would be afraid of is harmless content and sites mistakenly being blocked off.

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Should your ISP play a greater role in keeping you safe from malware, viruses and other web threats? One of Australia’s senior politicians seems to think so. In a column in The West Australian, Dan Tehan, Australia’s cybersecurity minister, wrote: "Just as we trust banks to hold our money, just as we trust doctors with our health, in a digital age we need to be able to trust telecommunications companies to protect our information from threats." A companion news article in the same newspaper cited Tehan as arguing that "the onus is on telecommunications companies to develop products to stop their customers being infected with viruses."