Sunday April 30, 2017

Humans Are Already Harassing Robots

When the robot apocalypse happens, blame yourself. As machines become more prevalent, so will their hazing and bullying, which is prompting makers to give them more ways to protect themselves or fight back. Wow, it really is going to play out like the Animatrix, isn’t it?

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Last year in Los Angeles, people attempted to spray paint a Knightscope robot. The robot sensed the paint and sounded an alarm, alerting local security and the company's engineers. "[The bullies] turned pale white and ran away," Knightscope spokesman Stacy Stephens told CNNTech. The company currently has 17 clients in five states, according to Stephens. The robots operate in shopping centers, hospitals and corporate campuses. A robot's best defense is to rat out the bullies. Modern robots are covered in cameras and sensors, making it easy to document abuse. With the Los Angeles incident, the robot's cameras filmed the pranksters' license plate, making it easy to track them down.