Saturday April 29, 2017

Watch Elon Musk's "Boring" Tunnel System Speed Cars along at 130 MPH

It’s like an underground roller coaster for your car: Musk’s new video demonstrates his vision for an underground tunnel system that will transport cars at high speeds via "skates." The first network will be constructed under Los Angelesآ—it’s going to be fun being down there during an earthquake.

آ…Musk said that there are still important challenges to be overcome for that vision to become a reality. The Boring Company is working on bringing the overall cost of boring the tunnels down while increasing the speed. With better materials and more power, Musk believes that they can increase the speed of the current machines, which are able to dig about 300 feet per week, to up to 1 mile per week. That’s a 17.6x improvement.