Saturday April 29, 2017

Hacker Leaks Entire Season of Netflix Show after Extortion Demand Not Met

A hacker group called The Dark Overlord has reportedly leaked the entire fifth season of Orange is the New Black after Netflix failed to pay them 50 BTC ($66,142). This is probably a big upset for the streaming company, as the episodes were not set to debut until June. Interestingly, the hacker group supposedly has their hands on "hundreds of GBs of unreleased and non-public media," as their infiltration point was a Hollywood studio.

News Image was able to determine that the victim studio was Larson Studios, Inc., an award-winning audio post-production studio in Hollywood. TDO would later confirm their identity. TDO would not reveal the attack method nor how much the ransom demand was, but was able to obtain a copy of a contract both TDO and a representative of Larson allegedly signed. The contract, signed December 27, indicated that the studio would pay TDO 50 BTC by January 31. TDO signed the contract as "Adolf Hitler." The signature of the company representative was indecipherable, but TDO claimed that it was the CFO of the firm who signed.