Saturday April 29, 2017

Destiny 2: First PC Gameplay Footage Coming May 18th

Bungie has begun sending out physical invitations to various outlets for the Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere event, which will take place 5/18 in Los Angeles. YouTube personalities and other shills will rave about what they see so they won’t get banned from future events, but at least both console and PC footage will be livestreamed so you can decide if they actually improved on the original.

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As it’s being suggested, this will event will take place in Los Angeles, and the keynote will begin at 10AM. Attenders will get their hands on Destiny 2 after the keynote. It’s worth noting that this event will be livestreamed. As Bungie claimed: "The broadcast will showcase a variety of fun, action-oriented activities within Destiny 2, and will highlight the brand-new, epic adventure waiting for players. With a fresh start for all players right from the opening cinematic, Destiny 2 will expand across the globe with a worldwide release on September 8."