Saturday April 29, 2017

Blockbuster Has Managed to Survive in Alaska

I’m not the only one who misses Blockbuster, am I? It may be totally pointless now because of streaming and digital delivery, but browsing the action/horror/sci-fi and gaming aisles was such a big part of my childhood, man. While the chain has basically been eradicated, some of the stores are still going strong in Alaska, where limited internet service has forced moviegoers to rent physical copies instead.

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آ…Internet service is substantially more expensive than in most states, since most data packages are not unlimited, but rather charge by the gigabyte, as CBS News reported. Heavy Netflix streamers could end up paying hundreds of dollars per month in Internet bills, Payne said. For this reason, a hefty 20 percent of sales in Payne’s Blockbuster stores come from rentals of TV shows آ— from the "binge watchers," he says. Alaska’s cold, long and dark winters also lend themselves to plenty of in-home entertainment, Payne said. The most profitable Blockbuster store is in bitterly cold Fairbanks, where temperatures can reach 50 below zero.