Saturday April 29, 2017

Banks Should Let Ancient Programming Language COBOL Die

I thought that if something ain’t broke, you shouldn’t fix it, but some think that the programming language that powers banking systems should be replaced with something a bit more modern. The argument is that only old geezers know COBOL, and we may be in for a little upkeep problem since they aren’t going to live forever. So what, exactly, is preventing younger folk from putting that language on their resume?

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Despite the fact that three trillion dollars run through COBOL systems every single day they are mostly maintained by retired programming veterans. There are almost no new COBOL programmers available so as retirees start passing away, then so does the maintenance for software written in the ancient programming language. Dأ¶derlein says that banks have three options when it comes to deciding how to deal with this emerging crisis. First off, they can simply ignore the problem and hope for the best. Software written in COBOL is still good for some functions, but ignoring the problem won’t fix how impractical it is for making new consumer-centric products.