Thursday April 27, 2017

Your 4K TV Is Probably the Only 4K Converter You Need

Is this guy right? I finally jumped into 4K with a new LG OLED, and the first thing I noticed was that upscaled 1080p material didn’t look nearly as bad as I thought it would. A fancy receiver that does 4K upscaling is on my list, but do those of you who already have separate scalers see a difference? Ideally, what I want to do is build a new HTPC that is powerful enough to run madVR’s most intensive upscaling options, which may be the best solutions out there.

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آ…your TV's internal scaler is "fine." It will do all this upconverting automatically. Anything you send it, it shows full screen, fully upconverted. This is not to say that all scalers are equal. The best scalers can create an image with much greater apparent detail and lower noise than the worst scalers. I've seen incredibly well-upconverted HD images that were near indistinguishable from real 4K content (and so have you, as a fair amount of 4K content is upconverted before it even gets to your TV). The thing is, the difference between the best scalers in A/V gear and the one in your TV is pretty small (as long as your TV is decent). If you're watching a channel and it looks terrible, chances are the best scaler on Earth isn't going to make it watchable.