Thursday April 27, 2017

This Is What Xbox Games Look like on Project Scorpio on 4K and 1080p Displays

It was previously reported that Project Scorpio will use supersampling to deliver enhanced Xbox graphics to 1080p TVs, and now Windows Central has image sliders up that demonstrate the level of visual fidelity buyers of the new Xbox can expect even if they don’t have the ideal TV to pair it with. While most gamers will be running Project Scorpio on a 4K display, it is cool to see just what the hardware is capable of. Also demonstrated is how the additional GPU power can be used to create finer details and more complex textures.

News Image

While you will undoubtedly need a 4K set to see the true benefits of Project Scorpio, you will get many enhances textures, geometry, and effects on standard HD displays. These images show enhancements Scorpio can make to existing Xbox One titles by virtue of resolution bumps alone, without any additional tweaking and features that utilize Scorpio's monstrous specs. It's looking like a 2017 holiday-season launch for Project Scorpio. The console will be compatible with all of your existing Xbox One games and accessories, it comes with 4K game DVR and UHD Blu-ray, and it will leverage 6TF of GPU power to produce 4K games.