Wednesday April 26, 2017

Old and New Ashley Madison Extortion

It has been a couple years since the Ashley Madison data breach took place and it seems to have been back in the news for a while, but this was my first time seeing this. While cybercriminals tend to use the internet for their nefarious purposes, this time they are taking a page out of the Pony Express' manual by actually stuffing envelopes. I would have to think that an envelope with an actual extortion letter showing up at your doorstep might have a bit more impact than an email that would be easily deleted with a single click. The letters from January of last year makes some nasty claims as to the action to be take if you don't shell out $500 worth of bitcoin.

News Image

But I didn't stop there. l also contacted [REDACTED]'s work colleagues. I also contacted his daughter. And his daughters boyfriend. And I contacted several of his superiors, peers, and subordinates at [REDACTED]. You see, [REDACTED], if you don't comply with my demand I am not just going to humiliate you, I am going to humiliate those close to you as well.

Now extortionists are back this year with a new campaign this month and have directly contacted Robin Harris that writes for ZDNet, albeit through a most impersonal email.

On May 1 2017 we are launching our new site -- Cheaters Gallery - exposing those who cheat and destroy families. We will launch the site with a big email to all the friends and family of cheaters taken from Facebook, LinkedIn and other social sites. This will include you if do not pay to opting out.

These newest extortionists are just plain rude. My mom always told me when I was a little kid that a real letter was always better than sending an email. And that sentiment seems to be ringing true with at least a few folks in this brave new world we live it. (That's a lie, the closest thing we had to the internet when I was a kid was the party line...and it is not as much fun as it sounds like.)