Tuesday April 25, 2017

Woman Suffers 2nd-Degree Burns after Her Fitbit Explodes

It seems like everything is at risk of exploding these days. One woman’s Fitbit Flex 2 went bad when it was on her arm and ended up giving her a significant burn, enough that doctors had to extract pieces of it out of her skin. Fitbit has offered her a free replacement device, but I would have tried to get a little more out of it.

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Dina Mitchell said she had owned her Fitbit Flex 2 for about two weeks when the fitness tracking device allegedly caught fire on her arm while she was reading a book on Tuesday night. "I was literally just sitting and reading when my Fitbit exploded," Mitchell told ABC News in an emailed statement on Sunday. "It was either defective or really mad I was sitting still so longآ… I don’t know. Either way, it burned the heck out of my arm." She said she ripped the device off of her arm as it was still burning and tossed it onto the floor. Mitchell said her doctor had to pick pieces of plastic and rubber out of her arm after the incident.