Tuesday April 25, 2017

Vanquish PC Port Teased in Bayonetta Steam Update

I never did finish my Xbox 360 copy of Vanquish and doubt I will ever hook up my old console again, so this is great news to me and the many others out there who have been begging for the game to at least get backwards-compatibility on modern systems. Sega seems to be super-creative these days on how they tease the fans: this time, they have snuck in an image with a Steam update to allude to a PC version of PlatinumGames’ 2010 third-person shooter.

News Image

The recently released PC version of Bayonetta received a very small Steam update earlier today that added a very strong teaser for Vanquish. The update weighed in at just 22kb. On the surface, the update didn’t make changes to the game itself. However, look closer and you’ll find this image in the game’s Extras folder (via NeoGAF). This is clearly a small version of the helmet worn by the protagonist in Vanquish, so unless Sega is toying with fan emotions, there’s only way to interpret this. Remember, the PC port of Bayonetta was never officially announced prior to release.