Tuesday April 25, 2017

Samsung and LG Are Developing Displays with Four Curved Sides

I guess I’m not getting another flat Galaxy phone any time soon. Samsung (and LG, reportedly) are hell-bent on pushing curved edges, and a new report suggests that they are bringing that aesthetic to all four sides of future handsets. This design would allow for a screen-to-body ratio of over 98 percent and was supposedly meant to debut on the iPhone 8, but an engineering challenge has pushed the technology to next year.

News Image

آ…Samsung Display and LG Display are looking for ways to create phones that are truly bezel-less and all-screen by curving all sides and eliminating even the top and the bottom bezels. However, the same source reports that there are technical difficulties in the lamination process, and that’s why it’s likely that we won’t see these displays until next year. The lamination process is essential in the production of OLED panels آ– it includes the protective layer as well as the touch film among other important components. The trouble is, however, when a display is curved on all four sides, the four corners are essentially useless; the current lamination process won’t let these corners register your touch.