Tuesday April 25, 2017

NVIDIA's Shield TV Upgrades to 4K for Cast and Google Play Movies

Your Shield TV can now replace your Chromecast Ultra: NVIDIA has patched their device so owners can now stream 4K movies and TV from Google Play. The update also includes 4K Google Cast support, which means Ultra HD content can be sent from any Cast-enabled mobile app to your TV.

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An update lets all Shield TV boxes play both the content you Cast and Google Play titles in the ultra-sharp resolution, so you don't have to be quite so picky when looking for material beyond 1080p. This won't necessarily make a night-and-day difference, at least not at first. Shield TV already supported a large chunk of available 4K video with mainstay services like Amazon, Netflix and YouTube, and there are only so many Cast-enabled apps that have 4K content to show. Nonetheless, this fleshes out NVIDIA's living room media hubs in a big way. Theoretically, you now have extra-sharp video from any supporting app on your phone.