Tuesday April 25, 2017

Marissa Mayer Will Make $186 Million on Yahoo’s Sale to Verizon

Yahoo’s soon-to-be-ex-CEO will be demonstrating how failure can be highly rewarding when she exits her fledgling company nearly $200 million richer. Luckily for Marissa, investments in more successful companies such as Alibaba drove up stock prices over her tenure, resulting in a big payout. Verizon is expected to officially acquire Yahoo in June after shareholders make their votes.

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آ…Ms. Mayer, the company’s chief executive, will be well compensated for her failure. Her Yahoo stock, stock options and restricted stock units are worth a total of $186 million, based on Monday’s stock price of $48.15, according to data filed on Monday in the documents sent to shareholders about the Verizon deal. That compensation, which will be fully vested at the time of the shareholder vote, does not include her salary and bonuses over the past five years, or the value of other stock that Ms. Mayer has already sold. All told, her time at Yahoo will have netted her well over $200 million, according to calculations based on company filings.