Tuesday April 25, 2017

Google Is Asking for Your Help to Spot Fake News

Google is introducing new feedback tools today that are designed to help the company weed out misleading or inaccurate content and improve the quality of their search engine’s results in general. The company was originally criticized for claiming that there is too much content to evaluate, but they have now made their first move, if only to shut complainants up. It seems like this could just be a new avenue for trolling Google’s moderators.

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This will help teach Google's search algorithms to automatically weed out hoaxes, and in theory, keep them buried in search results. Google also says its search algorithms have now been trained to demote "low-quality" content based on signals like whether or not the information comes from an "authoritative" page. The user feedback tools will be available for featured snippets, the boxes that appear near the top of search results and attempt to answer your query without you having to click through to a web page. They'll also appear in the window that helps automatically complete what you're typing based on other searches.