Tuesday April 25, 2017

Gamers in Hawaii Can't Compete Because of Latency

Gaming at the pro level is difficult enough, but for Hawaiians, it’s especially tough due to geography and their distance away from many servers. League of Legends players who play competitively, for example, have plenty to complain about: that game has only one server in the US, and it’s way out in Chicago. This is an article that makes you think about the physicality of the Internet and how some gamers have to pull off moves far in advance to counter unavoidable ping.

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He had to learn how to "see into the future," he said, and predict and input moves in advance. Elento likens the scenario to that of a football player, but "instead of being a regular football player, he has to close his eyes for a quarter of a second for every second, and he has to judge all of his decisions based on information he knew before, and he has to just plug in the information for the last quarter of a second." Gamers playing on high latency develop a "sixth sense" for how to do this, Elento said. When he was growing up in Honolulu, he had an online friend in Australia whose latency was even worse. Yet they both made it to the pro level. "It’s honestly just annoying," he said. "It’s an obvious competitive disadvantage, but it’s not like it’s unplayable."