Monday April 24, 2017

Video Game Modding is Gateway to Criminal Hacking

Headline of the day that is likely to give you a chuckle, "How free hacking tools on the web could be leading kids into cybercrime." While I am far from being a "kid," I know that the last time that I did some game modding for fun, I very much wanted to go our right after that and head down to my local ATM and install a card skimmer...not.

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Gaming websites could be spawning a new breed of cybercriminals, according to new research which claims that young people are being indoctrinated into hacking crimes via free and easily-accessible internet pages.

Websites and forums which provide cheat codes and modifications for video games are making it increasingly easy for young people to develop criminal skills and become involved in hacking chat rooms, a report by the U.K.'s National Crime Agency (NCA) has said.

Of course no statistics are given backing the actual statements up, and certainly none of the upsides are discussed about how games go a long ways to getting your kids into coding, which is certainly a skill that is getting a bit more valuable in today's workforce. I know that when my kids have wanted to mod PC games, I have encouraged them to do just that, and I know they have gained a better understanding of computing in general.