Sunday April 23, 2017

WikiLeaks Exposes "Weeping Angel" CIA Tool That Spies on Samsung Smart TVs

While the elaborating documents were only just leaked, this may be considered "old news," as only 2013-era Samsung F-Series TVs are susceptible, but I suppose it is still amusing to see what the spying agency has, or had, up its sleeve. Dubbed "Weeping Angel," this tool would compromise a set’s microphone and record and store sound/voice data. Problem is, it had to be manually installed on a TV using a USB driveآ—seeing that you had to get on scene, you’d probably just bug the entire room instead.

News Image

آ…WikiLeaks released the CIA’s actual user guide for "Weeping Angel", the exploit use to hack Samsung smart TVs. We’ve also learned that Weeping Angel is actually based on another piece of malware, "Extending", that was developed by the British MI5 spy agency. Weeping Angel (and Extending) are capable of tapping into a Samsung smart TV’s internal microphone, where it can then record and store sound/voice data. This in essence turned the TV’s into covert listening devices as a part of targeted surveillance operations. Weeping Angel is also sophisticated enough to collect audio information while giving the appearance that the TV is actually turned off, which makes its actions even more nefarious.