Sunday April 23, 2017

Uber Tracked iPhone Users after They Deleted the App

I didn’t think there was anything that Uber’s CEO could do that would upset me anymore, but now there’s this: in 2015, Tim Cook requested a meeting with Travis Kalanick to discuss the rumor of his app tracking users even after being removed from devices, and the guy decided to show up for the urgent get-together in bright red sneakers and hot-pink socks. Absolutely disgusting.

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آ…Mr. Kalanick had pulled a fast one on Apple by directing his employees to help camouflage the ride-hailing app from Apple’s engineers. The reason? So Apple would not find out that Uber had secretly been tracking iPhones even after its app had been deleted from the devices, violating Apple’s privacy guidelines. But Apple was on to the deception, and when Mr. Kalanick arrived at the midafternoon meeting sporting his favorite pair of bright red sneakers and hot-pink socks, Mr. Cook was prepared. "So, I’ve heard you’ve been breaking some of our rules," Mr. Cook said in his calm, Southern tone. Stop the trickery, Mr. Cook then demanded, or Uber’s app would be kicked out of Apple’s App Store.