Sunday April 23, 2017

Terry Crews Freaks Outs over His New Monstrous Gaming PC

For the last few months, JayzTwoCents has been conceptualizing and building a badass, Old Spice-inspired water-cooled PC for Terry Crews, and the culmination of all that effort has finally arrived. As demonstrated in the video, Crews is totally ecstatic about itآ—the system features beautiful glass and a NVIDIA GTX Titan Xp SLI setup.

This week, Crews got a monster of a gaming PC, built by PC Tech Youtuber JayzTwoCents, and it's made him extremely happy. The 30-minute video catalogs what it took to make the PC, how it personalized for Crews, and the road to delivering the PC to him, including a short-lived prank which Crews could not have taken in more in stride.