Sunday April 23, 2017

Samsung Will Produce 4K 800 ppi OLED Display

Samsung Display is gearing up to produce 7th-generation OLED panels soon. In order to stay on top of the competition, the company is diversifying its portfolio with foldable OLED, chip-on-plastic OLED, and a high-resolution OLED that will reportedly flaunt an incredibly packed 800 ppi. I cannot wait to see the battery life on that guy.

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This kind of pixel density isn't for TV screens or tablets, but rather smaller devices, like phones. A 5.5" display with 3840x2160 Ultra HD "4K" resolution would have exactly 801ppi pixel density, for instance, and it's not the first time Samsung is rumored to be perfecting such a 4K screen. Samsung was said to equip the S8 with those, but it went the route of Infinity Display, and we can't say that we are disappointed with the result. The Note 8 is rumored to arrive with a 4K panel, but if it is indeed a 6.4" one, as speculated, and Samsung wants to keep its new 18.5:9 ratio, the phablet might score a 4428 x 2160 resolution, with the on-screen buttons strip occupying a hundred pixels or so at the bottom.