Sunday April 23, 2017

Comcast's Customer Service May Actually Be Improving

I guess there is nowhere to go other than up if your ratings are already abysmal. Comcast has been spending a lot of time in Oregon to push some kind of customer service renaissance, demonstrating everything from new testing tools to physical locations where disgruntled customers can get help face to face. Data shows that complaints have fallen from 572 to 343 over a four-year period.

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In the second year of Comcast's broad customer service overhaul, complaints to Oregon cable regulators are down 25 percent. They've also declined 40 percent since 2014. Complaints are falling nationally, too, according to the highly regarded American Customer Satisfaction Index. Its most recent report showed a surge in Comcast subscriber satisfaction, to its highest point since 2001. "We would say there's something there, it's real impact," said Forrest Morgeson, ACSI's Director of Research. Two years ago, Comcast made Oregon the test bed for its customer service push, responding both to disparaging headlines and the prospect of growing competition from other telecom companies and from streaming video services.