Sunday April 23, 2017

China May Lead the Electric Car Revolution

There’s the idea going around that it is China that will lead the transition to an EV-driven society. The reasons for this are understandable: the country is not only the world’s biggest car market, but the government has been forced to look toward more environmentally friendly methods of transportation due to the horrendous pollution. So does this mean that most of our options in the future will cater more to the East’s tastes and needs?

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آ…luxury car companies have adapted their product lineup to appeal to Chinese tastes including sedans and SUVs that have larger back seats for owners that prefer to be chauffeured. But the appetite for different kinds of cars is expanding from sports cars to SUVs. In recent times, SUVs have become dominant. But as China faces up against an environmental reckoning, electric cars are gaining traction. Last year the, Chinese government proposed that by 2018 eight percent of the total fleet should be made up of fuel efficient vehicles.And so it might be China that leads the transition to an EV-driven society. At the Shanghai Auto Show, car companies are doubling down on product plans to produce a suite of electric vehicles, marrying the taste for the electric cars with the appetite for SUVS.