Saturday April 22, 2017

Target Encourages Store-Wide Mayhem with Mario Kart Shopping Carts

Target has gone all-out to promote the upcoming launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. If you visit your local retailer this weekend, you may find shopping carts vandalized with kart decals, entrances bugged with theme music, and those big red balls outside looking like Mario and Luigi. This is quite the marketing effort for the remake of a game that came out in 2014.

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In what seems like a great cross-promotion for the Nintendo Switch, but which stands a decent chance of ending in utter bedlam at hundreds of Target stores nationwide, the retailer has decided to dress up shopping carts as Mario Karts. Maybe not a good idea with an entire store full of boxes waiting to be turned into power-ups and a produce section full of banana peels waiting to be thrown. The promotion, for better or worse, will reach more than 650 of Target’s stores, and involves multiple parts of the store. You can tell which stores are part of the promotion if you see that the giant red balls (Target calls them "bollards") out front have covers that make them look like Mario and Luigi.