Saturday April 22, 2017

Microsoft Will Combat Chromebooks with New Low-Cost Surface, Windows 10 Cloud

It is pretty much all but confirmed at this point that Microsoft’s big event in May will be education-oriented, as they are expected to reveal new low-cost devices that will compete directly with Google’s Chromebooks. Powering this effort will be Windows 10 Cloud, which sounds like a dangerous retread of RT, as it functions mostly on UWP apps and the barren Windows Store. I think MS has a better winner with Windows 10 on ARM.

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The point should be obvious: The education market is critical to Microsoft's future based purely on familiarity. The debate between macOS and Windows preference, for instance, almost always comes down to what you were exposed to first. Rarely in today's world do adults try both OSes, evaluate them equally and come to rational decisions. If Google is already at 50 percent adoption in the U.S. education market, that is a generation that's now in the Google and Android ecosystem. Microsoft needs a plan to take that on and, for once, I feel like it may have some significant advantages with Windows 10 Cloud and a new Surface.