Saturday April 22, 2017

Cliff Bleszinski Warns That Triple-A Game Development Is "Nearly Unsustainable"

The Gears of War creator took the stage this week to remind everyone that few studios can afford to partake in the AAA development model and that the results are rarely great anyways, as imitation is safer than innovation when so much money is being tossed around. There is a suggestion here that the industry could collapse on itself due to its reliance on blockbuster titles that only the biggest companies can afford to make but are utterly unoriginal, but I am not sure whether Bleszinski's urging for digital-only and/or free-to-play titles holds any weight.

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His advice to developers still looking to make their mark is to aim for what he referred to as "Double A", which he considers to be "games that look and play great but pick their battles in terms of budget and marketing". Examples he offered included Warframe, Rocket League and Rust, with Bleszinski noting that most successful 'Double A' games are digital and/or free-to-play. In terms of finding funding for such games, he pointed out that "there's a lot of money in Asia" - his own studio, Boss Key Productions, has partnered with Nexon for its debut game, LawBreakers. This title is also designed to be 'Double A', and won't have a full $60 price tag.