Saturday April 22, 2017

Apple Forces Recyclers to Shred All iPhones and MacBooks

It seems that Apple only talks the talk but never truly walks the walk when it comes to its position as an environmentally friendly company. Public records requests show that the company mandates the obliteration of their products (e.g., metal and glass powder) so they cannot be reused in any way, which some consider odd since there is still value left in worn, even broken parts. Since there is a mention of brand protection here, I wonder if part of this can be likened to clothing companies that shred all of their unsold clothing instead of donating them since they believe it would devalue their logo’s worth.

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Apple's new moonshot plan is to make iPhones and computers entirely out of recycled materials by putting pressure on the recycling industry to innovate. But documents obtained by Motherboard using Freedom of Information requests show that Apple's current practices prevent recyclers from doing the most environmentally friendly thing they could do: Salvage phones and computers from the scrap heap. Apple rejects current industry best practices by forcing the recyclers it works with to shred iPhones and MacBooks so they cannot be repaired or reusedآ—instead, they are turned into tiny shards of metal and glass.