Thursday April 20, 2017

Still Using Windows XP, Vista? No Firefox 53 for You

I imagine that few of you are still using ancient operating systems, so the actual news here is merely that Firefox 53 is out. It’s actually a pretty significant release: Mozilla has introduced their "Quantum Compositor," which relies on your GPU to speed things up. The browser does feel faster to me, but it could be totally placebo. One other thing I noticed is that they finally included a dark theme, but it’s trash because the menus are still white/bright. A new version of Chrome is also rolling out, so be sure to update that guy too.

News Image

Firefox 53 includes one of the first elements of Mozilla's 'Project Quantum', which aims to take advantage of multi-core hardware and the wide availability of devices incorporating GPUs. The new Quantum Compositor promises to speed up Firefox and prevent graphics crashes on Windows by running the graphics compositor separate to the main Firefox process. The Quantum Compositor runs on the GPU instead of the CPU, which means it should go faster. And if the graphics compositor crashes, it won't bring down all of Firefox because it's a separate process. In testing, the Quantum Compositor reduced browser crashes by about 10 percent.