Thursday April 20, 2017

Russia Plans to Ban VPNs and Proxies Allowing Access to Blocked Sites

Russian legislators want to put the smackdown on services allowing access to blocked domains. VPNs are off the hook if they agree to abide to Russia’s blacklisted sites, but they will be punished (banned themselves) if they are caught providing access to them. The bill was reportedly spearheaded by a trade group established by the country’s largest media companies.

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آ…the Russian government has been considering legislation to tackle sites, tools and services that provide Internet users with ways to circumvent blockades. According to local news outlet Vedomosti, that has now resulted in a tough new bill. Russia’s plan is to issue a nationwide ban on systems and software that allow Internet users to bypass website blockades previously approved by telecoms watchdog Roskomnadzor. This means that if a VPN, proxy or similar tool unblocks torrent site RuTracker, for example, it will be breaking the law. As a result, it too will find itself on Russia’s banned site list.