Wednesday April 19, 2017

Google Earth Rolls Out Massive New Update

If you do not have any experience with Google Earth, playing around with it can be extremely cool as it will give you some views of the world that many of us will never experience first hand. While it does not cover every spot around the globe, it does give you a bunch of highlighted spots that you go take "tours" of on your desktop. What is incredibly cool is that Google Earth works in VR as well, and works well actually. As of today there has been a tremendous amount of new content updated. Google Earth can take you around cities around the globe, as well as all sorts of natural terrain features, and even show off a ton of wildlife. I will get the Vive on later today and see what new spots are supported in VR. If you have not done this in VR, it can very much give you a Superman point of view, no phone booth required. Yes, Mega touched on this yesterday morning, but I wanted to hit on this again due to the VR perspective that many folks may not be aware of.