Wednesday April 19, 2017

Bose Connect App Data Collection Causing Class-Action Lawsuit

Typically when using a set of headphones, a consumer tends to listen to their music or multimedia. If you ask Illinois resident Kyle Zak and his representation, Bose has been "listening" to customers of their headphones and Bose Connect mobile app via data collection and distribution. Users are encouraged to provide personal information such as name, an e-mail address, and Bose headphone serial number in a collection process. Said data is then sent to collection platforms آ– is specifically named آ– which provides disregard for "consumer privacy rights" according to the suit.

Audio choices offer "an incredible amount of insight" into customers' personalities, behavior, politics and religious views, citing as an example that a person who listens to Muslim prayers might "very likely" be a Muslim, the complaint said.

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The lawsuit is seeking millions of dollars in damages, all pertaining to purchasers of multiple models: SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II, SoundLink Color II, SoundSport Wireless, SoundSport Pulse Wireless, QuietControl 30, and QuietComfort 35. Bose has yet to comment regarding the matter.