Wednesday April 19, 2017

ASUS Tinker Board to USA Finally

ASUS and its Tinker Board got all kinds of attention back in January as it showed up for sale in Europe. The Tinker Board is an alternative to the Raspberry Pi, and there are pros and cons when it comes to both. Geoff Gasior who you might know from Tech Report fame, now works for ASUS and has done a very detailed writeup to introduce you to the Tinker Board if you are wondering what all features are onboard...the Tinker Board.

The DIY PC scene has branched in an interesting new direction in recent years. Inexpensive single-board computers move away from building PCs themselves and instead focused on making them the brains behind larger projects. These bite-sized computers can power everything from robots to media boxes to home automation, and they’re valuable educational tools for learning how computers, electronics, and code interact.

As mentioned in the headline, us folks here in the Great United States can get our hands on the Tinker Board from Amazon for $60 with Prime Shipping, which is about twice the price of a Raspberry Pi. But in general, the Tinker is about twice as fast, if you need that ability.