Tuesday April 18, 2017

VR Binge-Viewing World Record Set at 50 Hours

Whoa, VR must be more grueling than I thought if the world record is just over two days. This is actually the first attempt to set a record of this type, so I guess more impressive records are on the way. I don’t even like going for more than an hour since I wear glasses.

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It was the first such attempt to set a Guinness World Record for longest VR video content marathon watching, although there’s a separate record for VR video-game marathon set in the U.K. at 25 hours and 24 minutes. The CyberLink team also wanted to beat the unofficial VR-binge mark set by a German gamer last year who was immersed for 48 hours in virtual-reality gaming environments. During their record-setting session, Fragoso and Christison watched back-to-back VR movies and 360-degree shorts such as "Rogue One: Recon آ– A Star Wars 360 Experience," "Kong VR: Destination Skull Island," and short film "Invasion!" from Baobab Studios.